Transportation of heavy and oversized cargoes

In comparision with other freight forwarding Companies DACOTRANS has one significent advantage. Doing the transports of cargoes in containers and other common cargoes – thing which does not present any technical difficulties from the transport point of view, we are experts in the transportation of the ”turn key” projects; oversized and super heavy cargoes, which require complicated technical solutions.

Our company has perfomed the transportation of the equipment up to 58 m length and 5,5 m width and/or height with weight up to 400 tons for such projects as:

  • nuclear, hydro and steam power plants;
  • refinaries and chemical plants;
  • metal constructions for bridges, dams and elevators;
  • boats, yachts, helicopters, cranes, boring machines, etc

We offer to our Clients a full range of “door to door” services for heavy and bulky transportation of their cargoes, considering the best transport solutions fully corresponding to the technical requirements and using different types of special transports, among them:

  • railway platforms and schabel cars with payload up to 500 ton;
  • special low-bed trailers and modules with payload up to 400 ton;
  • floating cranes with capacity up to 300 ton;
  • special sea vessels equipped with derriks up to 1000 tons, RO-RO, semi submersible vessels, lighters, etc.;
  • river barges and pontoons with possibilities of “roll on-roll of”, or rigging systems for loading/offloading;
  • Air planes type AN-124 “Ruslan”, AN-225 “Mria”.

The transportation of the project cargoes needs special skills, knowledge and experience. Our company makes a study of possibility of such transports,and its methods,arranges for a route survey, elaborates and approve the loading and lashing schemes, arranges for the necessary permits and assure the control of the whole process of execution of such transports.

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