Sea and river transportations

Having the direct contracts with many partners, operators and stevedoring companies DACOTRANS LTD KHARKOV helps it Customs to select the best transshipment port and to choose the appropriate river and / or maritime tonnage for transportation based on the volume and weight of the shipment, its nature, the route and special conditions presented by the client for transportation.

Our company arrange a quick and reliable handling of all types of cargo at sea and river ports in different regions of the world, namely:

  • cargo transshipment on to sea/river vessels from the other transport means and vice versa;
  • cargo storage on the open areas and warehouses;
  • issuance of customs documents, bills of lading, Charter parties and other cargo and transport documents;
  • consolidation and deconsolidation of the shipping lots;
  • stevedoring, dunage, lashing and unlashing of the cargoes;
  • tally services;

For handling of the Customers cargoes in the parts we are using the specialized berths and terminals, temporary storage areas and common piers, specialized equipment and vehicles.

Our specialist are operating with any freight tonnage (vessels of any type and capacity) - the river, river-sea vessels, ferries, bulk carriers, Ro-Ro, versatile, lighter, dock type, special type vessels "heavylift", "semisubmersible" and others. The carriage of cargo tonnage can be chartered wholly or partially

The tonnage can be chartered on a base of full or part charter.

In our work we use the developed partnership relations with with shipping, operator, agent and broker companies in different regions of the world.

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